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Dental Insurance

The Columbus Bar has partnered with The Dental Care Plus Group to offer you quality dental insurance made specifically for CBA members! All plans come with valuable benefits designed to save members money, time, and energy.

Whether you already have dental insurance coverage or are looking for a new plan to add to your suite of benefits, we can help compare plans and options so that you can be confident that you are getting the best service around. You can also review the dental plan here and learn more about what you’ll be getting if you commit.

The valuable benefits include:

  • No waiting period on your first appointment
  • Fourth quarter deductible carryover
  • Composite restorations
  • Annual open-enrollment period, no late-entry penalties
  • And more!

Interested? Check out the plan options today. Plus, all employers with 10+ eligible members can explore additional plans and designs. Contact us today!

John D. Susie, CLU
(614) 340-2052

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John Susie
(614) 340-2052

How we're different

Not all dental plans are the same. Click here to learn how we set ourselves apart from our competitors.