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The Columbus Bar Association has teamed up with Seniors Resource Hub to provide you and your clients with a robust tool to help make the best decisions about senior care. With 70% of Americans over the age of 65 needing long-term care services at some point in their life, it's critical to be able to identify living options that meet each individual's unique needs.

The checklists developed by the team at Seniors Resource Hub provide an easy-to-use framework enabling users to be educated consumers when it comes to senior care either in the home, a long-term care facility or even with palliative and hospice care. These tools mean you or your clients are in control of the entire process, who is interviewed, how the answers are weighted and the final decision making. You or your clients are not reliant on a senior placement service, which receives a referral fee from select providers with who they have an established agreement.

Our exclusive agreement gives you a 70% discount on a one year subscription. Use the checklists for your own family or purchase for your clients to use as they make these difficult decisions. This can be a new innovative service that you offer your clients at no charge, or you can charge for this service and create a new revenue stream!

Want to offer this for all your clients? There's an even higher discount available for more than 100 subscriptions!

What's the benefit of offering to your clients?

The apps successfully address the need and requirements of attorneys to empower and educate clients; caregivers and mature adults, to make the best care and living decisions as they or loved ones ages. 

  • Provides new and unique advisory services, resources, and revenue

  • Offers additional resources and education which can be shared with clients for better care and living outcomes

  • Impacts elder law and estate planning practice with new thought leadership, differentiation, and growth

  • Improves knowledge of attorneys with respect to Home and Long-term care

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 All you will need is your Supreme Court Number or Membership Number in order to create your account. Not a CBA member? Click here to join, or give us a call at (614) 221-4112.


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Learn more about pricing, type of care offered, Frequently Asked Questions, and more! .


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