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Publications / Editorial Board Committee


To effectively present timely and important information to Columbus Bar members about the Association, the justice system, and the legal community; and to provide members with a forum for exchanging ideas and topics of interest to legal professionals. In addition, to provide legal-related articles for publication in Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly for distribution to Columbus Bar members.

To suggest a topic or to volunteer to write an article, please email

A Message from the Committee Chair

Lawyers Quarterly has a readership of over 20,000 people from all walks of life. Accordingly, the focus of the magazine is not solely on the law, but on covering a broad range of articles relevant to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. To help us provide the best coverage for our readers, we welcome any and all submissions for consideration.

-Melanie Tobias

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Membership in this committee is by appointment only. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the committee chair.

Committee Chair

Melanie Tobias

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