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When the time comes to enroll in Medicare, you’ll have questions about all your options. With years of experience, Suzanne McClain can help you choose the right plan for your needs.

She will meet you at your office, at the Columbus Bar Association offices, or set up a phone call with you to discuss your current needs and review available coverage options.

Call Suzanne at (614) 448-1834 or email


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WATCH: Suzanne's Medicare and Muffins presentation from 9/16/20

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Suzanne McClain
(614) 448-1834


I took advantage of the CBA's arrangement with National United Brokers to obtain information about the insurance benefits available to members. I had already signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan, but I honestly had no idea if it was the best plan for me. So, I intended to do some research by attending several different “seminars” to get a better understanding of the various Medicare options. I’m so glad I started with Suzanne, from National United Brokers. She explained everything clearly, directly, simply and in an efficient time period. As it turned out, I was in the best plan for me. She told me to stay in my plan, but now I knew why and why the other options were not the best for me. She took her time with me even assuming that I would stay with the company/agent who had signed me up two years ago. She did such a great job. She was not helping me with any objective that I would switch to her as my agent, but I decided to switch to her/her company (keeping my same advantage plan) because of the quality of her advice for my benefit. I saved hours not having to attend the seminars I had planned to attend, got a great education, and great advice. This is a great member service.

-Nancy Sponseller