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Group Retiree Medical

Is your firm paying for retiree health coverage? Do you have Medicare-eligible employees on your group plan? The Columbus Bar Association is now offering Seniors Choice—a premier group medical plan for those age 65 and over participating in Medicare.

Seniors Choice was created nearly 30 years ago to help employers find solutions to their escalating group retiree and employee medical costs.

Although Seniors Choice is not a Medicare Supplement, it has some similarities, such as picking up benefits where Medicare leaves off. This program was created with the best interest of the member in mind. No physician’s network or network of hospitals–members have the freedom to choose any physician or hospital. Multiple plans options are available.

This product is offered exclusively through HEMA, the official insurance broker of the CBA.

Contact John Susie for a free, no obligation quote. He can be reached at (614) 340-2052 or

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Save Money and Get Great Coverage

  • Nationwide coverage: Absolutely no networks. Members choose any doctor, hospital or specialist. No referrals needed.
  • Affordable coverage: Premiums starting at $48/month. $0 deductible and $0 co-pay options.
  • Open enrollment year round
  • Group sizes as low as 1