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April 22, 2022

Volunteers Needed: Ethics Case Monitors

Contact: Kent Markus, Esq •

In some ethics cases brought by the CBA, the Ohio Supreme Court orders, as part of its decision, the appointment of a “monitoring attorney” by the CBA in accordance with the Ohio Rules for the Government of the Bar.

The attorneys subject to such Supreme Court orders are required to meet/talk at least monthly with the CBA appointed monitoring attorney. The monitoring attorneys, in turn, submit a brief monthly report to the CBA regarding the disciplined attorney’s compliance with the Supreme Court’s order.

Monitoring attorneys are often appointed in cases involving client fund management, client communications, office operations and deadline compliance, and effective procedures for dealing with clients needs and expectations. Some monitored attorneys are navigating mental health or substance abuse challenges. Monitoring appointments generally last for 6 months to 2 years, depending on the specific case circumstances.

The CBA would like to broaden its very small pool of identified potential monitors. Any potential appointment as a monitoring attorney would be preceded by discussion with CBA ethics personnel about the specific monitoring assignment, but we hope to expand our list of those we might contact as this need arises. If you are interested in possibly serving as a monitoring attorney following a Supreme Court disciplinary decision, please email the CBA’s Bar Counsel, Kent Markus, at with your contact information and a sentence which describes your practice area(s) and practice setting (large firm, small firm, solo, etc.).

The CBA would like to broaden its pool of ethics case monitors. If interested, please contact Kent Markus, Esq. ( for details.