Minority Clerkship Program

It’s time to sign up as an Employer for the 2021 CBA Minority Clerkship Program!

With all the challenges the past year has presented, the CBA will host a brief info session via zoom on Monday, November 9, 2020 at 12:00PM to answer any questions you may have about the 2021 summer. To register for the info session, please click here.

Know you plan to participate? Don’t wait!

Click here for to complete the Employer Commitment form online. Deadline to commit as an Employer is November 16, 2020!

Information for Employers

Since 1987, minority law students and employers in Central Ohio have benefited from the existence of the CBA Minority Clerkship Program. Employers have generously contributed more than $6 million in salaries to students in the program, employing 800+ summer clerks. The MCP experience continues to serve as an important tool in the growth of 1st and 2nd year minority law students and has helped to nearly double the number the of minority attorneys in Central Ohio firms that are part of the Columbus Bar's Managing Partners Diversity Initiative. Several current and former board members of the CBA have benefited from their clerkship experience and Anthony Sharett had this to say, "The MCP continues to be a nationally recognized opportunity program for outstanding Moritz College of Law and Capital Law students. And, the MCP continues to thrive with the vital support of the participating employers who have endeavored to ensure that the program is a continued success."

Law Firms and Corporate or Government Offices Employer Basics:
  • Employers agree to pay students from the MCP the same as other 1st and 2nd year clerking law students;
  • They are actively involved in the interview and screening process and provide preferences for the clerk matched to their organization
  • They agree to provide comparable assignments to MCP students as they do to other student clerks;
  • They agree to provide diversity training to all summer clerks;
  • Employers are encouraged not to distinguish Minority Clerkship participant from other summer associates and;
  • Employer obligation to the student is limited to the summer clerkship experience provided through the MCP
Sample MCP Employer Confirmation Form
Note: this is a sample form for informational purposes only. Please contact Kari Murphy for more information and a current employer confirmation form.

MCP 2021 Employer Info

Kari E. Murphy, Esq.
Columbus Bar Association
(614) 340-2051

Employer commitment deadline for summer 2021 is November 16, 2020.

Please contact Kari Murphy at kari@cbalaw.org with any questions.