CBA Practice Management Center


You cannot effectively serve clients or compete in today's legal market without accepting the enormous role technology will play in your business plan, your budget, and your process. But one size does NOT fit all. Take some time to learn the basics here, and use these resources to determine your firm needs.

NEW! Quick Tech Recs

With the sheer number of products available, it can be time-consuming to choose technology products for your home or office. Sort through the chaos and get recommendations straight from the experts at Affinity Consulting.

Hardware and Networking

Whether you need servers, remote access, cloud based programs or a managed services provider, you will find what you need to decide here.

Practice Management Software

A critical component of your operation is Practice or Case Management software, to organize clients, their cases, and all the details in between. Practice Management helps to implement workflow and efficiency, and provides of better collaboration. 

Document Management Software

Saving documents and emails, finding documents and emails, searching for words's all a part of Document Management. But it isn't as complicated as you think. Take a few minutes and check out these great resources. 

Document Assembly Software

How you create documents impacts your efficiency as well as the quality of your work. 

Time, Billing & Accounting Software

If you don't get paid, you won't be in business long. Every lawyer, whether you own your firm or not, needs to understand the importance of time, billing and accounting for law firms. We've got you covered here.

CyberSecurity and Disaster Preparedness

Remember that "protecting client data" obligation?  It's an important requirement, and your Practice Management Resource Center can help you understand the basics and more.
Office 365
It's more than just a new flavor of Office. Here you will be able to figure out what you get, what you need, and why it can be a great part of your technology and business plan.

Software and Services Feature Comparison Charts

You have heard about VoIP, and Password Managers, and Web Meetings and Encryption Services... but which one is right for you?