Barrister Leadership Program

Open to attorneys with ten or fewer years of practice, the Barrister Leadership Program develops leadership skills, provides networking opportunities with leaders in the central Ohio legal community and advises on building a successful law practice and career.


Samuel Marcellino, participated in 2018:

“My small group was invaluable. My group provided insight into other areas of the law, as well as how to manage various personal and professional issues as they arise. Not to mention, I met three people who I truly consider not only colleagues, but friends. Overall, applying to the program was one of the best moves of my professional career. It helped guide my professional interests and involvement, while developing leadership skills that will undoubtedly assist me in my career. Rather than taking my word for it, I encourage you to apply and find out for yourself!”

Alexis Preskar, participated in 2018:

“The Barrister Leadership Program was a wonderful chance not only to hear from various speakers in a small-group setting, but also to meet and learn from my colleagues, who are doing amazing things. The program covers a broad range of topics that any young lawyer faces – from communicating at work, building a network, to community service. I still keep in touch with other participants from my year, and it was a great way to get more involved with the CBA and get to know a diverse group of new lawyers who are facing the same types of issues.”

Aracely Tagliaventi, participated in 2018:

“My time in the Barrister Leadership Program was reflective. The monthly sessions encouraged me to think outside the box about career and board service opportunities. I also bonded with lawyers in fields outside of my own, who I now call upon for advice in their area of expertise. All young lawyers in the Columbus area who want to advance in their careers should seriously consider participating in this program.”

Sara Katz, participated in 2019:

“It was an honor to participate in the Barrister Leadership Program this past year. I had the opportunity to network and become close friends with the other individuals in the Leadership Program and also with the speakers. The CBA did an excellent job in selecting speakers who spoke to us on both a professional and personal level. The speakers did a great job in pushing us to evaluate ourselves personally and showing us how to use our strengths and weaknesses in our professional growth. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to further develop their connection to the Columbus legal community and to develop their personal and professional goals!”