Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Summer 2015

Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly - (View PDF)
Complete publication for Summer 2015.

And Speaking of the Law Library... - (View PDF)
by Angela T. Baldree
After two and a half years of living in temporary quarters in the Franklin County Municipal Building, the Franklin County Law Library has moved back to its home on the 10th floor of 369 S. High St. Many people contributed to this new, modern law library, and we hope it will be enjoyed by all the citizens of Franklin County for years to come.

Assembling Your Personal Board of Mentors - (View PDF)
by Jill K. Bigler
You've heard it over and over during law school and as a young lawyer – find a mentor. We all know mentors are instrumental in helping young lawyers find their footing in the legal world and are crucial for success. But I suggest to you to do more than that. Assemble your own board of mentors.

Civil Jury Trials - (View PDF)
by Monica L. Waller
Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

Corruption Among the Palms - (View PDF)
by Janyce C. Katz
On a beautiful day in Palm Beach, the Lake Worth Lagoon glistens. When no clouds mar the sky and the temperature in Columbus is 15 below zero, Palm Beach is paradise.

For Solo Practitioners and Small Firms Sometimes the Best Office is No Office - (View PDF)
by Otto Beatty, III
Solo and small firm attorneys are often looking to keep their overhead down. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by working primarily from home and utilizing the services and benefits of a virtual office facility.

Judges, Juries and Judgments: The Power of Infographics - (View PDF)
by Cathy Geyer and Collette Feldmann
Intrigued by the increasing use of mediation in Ohio's litigation landscape, we scoured the Ohio Supreme Court Statistical Report and central Ohio jury verdict information to extract key data and then we used it to create this infographic. Why an infographic?

Judicial Elections: A Broken System - (View PDF)
by Jack D’Aurora
We have come to the point where we need to examine the practicality of judicial elections. Name recognition has become more important than qualifications, and the potential increases for politics and money to have a greater role and negative impact in judicial elections.

Lawyers With Artistic License: Susan L. Rhiel - (View PDF)
by Heather G. Sowald
Susan Rhiel's expertise in and enjoyment of playing the violin is rewarded every winter as she participates in the Gahanna Community Theater’s annual musical.

Live Jury Deliberations: A Peek Behind the Closed Door - (View PDF)
by William C. Becker and Jeffrey L. Maloon
Very little has been done to research why and how juries decide cases. We recently had the opportunity to watch a mock jury deliberate and were pleased to see that many of the things that we teach and are taught about trial practice actually do work.

No Car, No Money, No Problem - (View PDF)
by Hon. David E. Cain
One form of cheap transportation has sadly disappeared from the highways and byways over the past 50 years. This method of getting around was prominent when I began college. No reservations were required. And what it lacked in reliability, it made up in adventure.

Our Civil Rights Spring: Continuing the Conversation - (View PDF)
by Judith M. McInturff
We, as Americans, face defining moments on a continuum. Our defining moments are ideally guided by those basic principles to which we are bound, laid out neatly by our many forefathers in a document known as The Constitution.

Steps Your Court Reporter Takes to Prepare Your Transcript for Production - (View PDF)
by Angie R. Starbuck
Do you ever wonder how a court reporter gets such a clean transcript to you after your deposition and the steps she takes to accomplish this?

Supreme Court Raises the Stakes in TTAB Proceedings with B&B Hardware Decision - (View PDF)
by Steve C. Barsotti and Jeffrey J. Nein
On March 24, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 7-2 decision declaring that Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ("TTAB") rulings should be given preclusive effect when the TTAB’s considerations are "materially the same" as those before a district court, provided the other "ordinary elements" of issue preclusion are established.

The Gap Between Academic and Real World Mediation - (View PDF)
by Jeffrey W. Hutson
The idea for this column struck me as I sat with a mix of volunteers who had agreed to serve as mediators in the American Bar Association’s Regional Representation in Mediation Competition hosted by The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

The Law as a Service Profession; The Bar as a Service Organization - (View PDF)
by Jay E. Michael
I am honored to serve as president of the Columbus Bar Association in 2015-2016. As I have prepared to take on my role for this coming year, I have reflected on what the word service means to me.

The Role of Lawyers as Educators - (View PDF)
by Luke A. Fedlam
There are many terms that are commonly used for lawyers – attorney, adviser, counselor, negotiator, defender and prosecutor quickly come to mind. But there's one more that stands out as more important than almost any other: educator.

Three Ways to Uncover the Future Profit Hidden in Your Firm's Financials - (View PDF)
by Jay P. Murnen
A professional service provider's customer base is the lifeline that feeds the company, so keeping your buyers satisfied and engaged is your highest priority. However, this effort has to be balanced with one that's equally important: strengthening your company's profitability and cash flow.

Up and Coming Attorneys Help Legal Aid Thrive - (View PDF)
by Dianna Parker Howie
This article explores new attorney pro bono participation, shared through the perspective of 10 outstanding "new" attorneys who volunteer with LASC: Anna Sanyal, Andrew Peiffer, Kwame Christian, Jesse Branner, Jason Gerken, Lynda Clark, Ryan Sander, Eric Becker, Sheena Bateman-Carothers and Michalea Delaveris.