2020 Summer Associate Legal Research Seminar

2020 Summer Associate Legal Research Seminar
Sponsored by the CBA Legal Research and Information Resources Committee

Program Overview:
Whether you’re a 1L or 2L employed at a law firm, court or government office this summer or a law student whose clerkship has been canceled by the pandemic, this FREE webinar is for you! You’ll learn practical information about research and writing from top legal professionals, as well as gain insights into navigating the nuances of workplace relationships. The program will also cover pro bono projects and how you can leverage those experiences into job opportunities in our post COVID-19 era. We’ll also devote part of the day to exploring the Imposter Syndrome including how to recognize the symptoms and change your mindset!

This webinar is FREE, but does require advance registration. Click here to registerFor questions regarding registration or the seminar in general, contact Donna at donna@cbalaw.org.


8:15 – 8:25:

Robert Erney, Columbus Bar Association President, 2020-2021

Session Overview/Zooming Etiquette
Carolyn Vinyard, Chairperson, CBA Legal Research & Information Resources Committee

8:30 – 9:00:

New Pro Bono Opportunities in Our Post - COVID-19 World
Justice Judith L. French , Ohio Supreme Court

9:00 – 9:45:

Effective Legal Writing
Jennifer Edwards, Partner, Baker & Hostetler

Effective legal writing is one of the most needed skills for being successful as a summer associate. This session will cover the basics of legal writing—from memos to pleadings—and will help you develop confidence in your writing skills!


9:50 – 10:05:

Accelerating Beyond Basic Google
Kristen Hallows, Research Analyst, Bricker & Eckler LLP

Learn advanced Google search techniques that will help you harness the world’s default index to the web.

10:05 – 10:20:

Gearing Up on Ohio Statutes and Regulations
Michelle Graff, Research Librarian, OH Supreme Court Law Library
Rachel Dilley, Research Librarian, OH Supreme Court Law Library

Looking up current statutes and regulations is straightforward using online tools. However, you may need to find past versions during the course of your work. This session will show you how to begin your search for historic statutes and regulations.

10:20 – 10:35:

Traveling Through 50 States: Strategies and Resources for Efficient 50-State Research
Matt Cooper, Assistant Director for Public Services, OSU Moritz College of Law Library

Researching applicable statutes, regulations, and case law across multiple jurisdictions can be very time-consuming. This session will show a variety of 50-state resources and offer tips that could save a substantial amount of research time

10:35 – 10:50:

Crash Course on Court Rules
Jess Mosser, Esq., Office of Chief Legal Counsel, Ohio Supreme Court
Learn about court rules, who promulgates them, how often they change, and why they matter to you.


10:55 – 11:10:

Driving Along Side Wexis: Free and Low-Cost Legal Research Options
Chris Galanos, Reference Librarian, OSU Moritz College of Law Library

While the major subscription-based legal research databases are excellent resources for conducting research, there are other free or low-cost research platforms and tools available. This presentation will provide an overview of legal research platforms Fastcase and Casemaker, as well as various free websites that can be used for locating case law, statutes, and legislative history.

11:10 – 11:35:

Relationships Count: Working with Your Office Colleagues

Nichole Herrera, Executive Administrative Assistant, Nationwide
Kelly Atkinson, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, Barnes & Thornburg

Many of the people in your summer workplace are not attorneys. Hear some tips on connecting and establishing effective and beneficial relationships with these valuable team members.


11:40 – 12:25:

Imposter Syndrome: Diagnosis & Treatment for Feeling Underqualified, Out-of-Place, and Not Enough
Kari Murphy, Assistant Executive Director/Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Columbus Bar Association

12:25 – 12:30:

Carolyn Vinyard

6/5/2020 8:15 AM - 6/5/2020 12:30 PM
Columbus Bar Association 175 South Third Street Suite 1100 Columbus, OH 43215

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