Constitutional Conversations

Constitutional Conversations
Due Process and the Constitution This event is free and open to the public

Program Overview:

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the 14th amendment. To honor our rich history of civil liberties, the Columbus Bar Association will be hosting a series of informal, moderated conversations that provide a forum for civics education.

September 14 Topic:
Due Process and the Constitution

The subject of great debate then and now are rights of those accused of criminal conduct.  This discussion of the Fifth Amendment rights to not be deprived of life liberty or property without due process of law and the Eighth Amendment right to escape cruel and unusual punishment are as relevant today as they were when written.  Led by an academic and a criminal attorney, this event will resonate with every person that wants to understand fundamental human rights as imagined by our founding fathers.

Presenters include criminal defense lawyer Mark Collins and Professor Doug Berman (Ohio State University Moritz College of Law).

The purpose of the discussion is not to stoke political divides, but rather to lessen the rhetoric by offering historical context, legal precedent, and active dialogue to foster a better understanding of today’s world events. These Constitutional Conversations will continue monthly, with the next session planned for October 12 to discuss The 14th Amendment: From Dred Scott v. Sandford to Brown vs. The Board of Education.

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9/14/2017 1:15 PM - 9/14/2017 2:15 PM
Columbus Bar Association 175 S. Third St., Suite 1100 Columbus, OH 43215