Real Estate M&A and REIT Transactions 2018

Real Estate M&A and REIT Transactions 2018
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The REIT and commercial real estate industries have continued to experience strong M&A activity, as the REIT market continues to grow and consolidate.  REITs already own more than $1.8 trillion of U.S. real estate, and there are now 24 REITs with equity market capitalizations north of $10 billion.  The transactions fueling this growth, which are expected to continue, include REIT mergers and IPOs, spin-offs and restructurings, transactions to unlock corporate real estate, and occasional private equity buy-outs which are often followed by re-entry into the public markets.  Technological disruption, activists, and the influx of foreign capital have all played important roles in triggering and shaping the transactional landscape. Along with knowledge of both technical and practical matters, both flexibility and creativity are required to thrive in the ever-changing REIT world. This year’s program will take an in-depth look at these industry trends, along with key recent transactions, and will help you navigate the complex structures, legal frameworks and dynamics of the current environment.

What’s on the Agenda:
1. How to understand and evaluate the current REIT and M&A landscapes – what trends and developments must you watch?
2. How to address disruption, both from and operational and a transactional perspective, and how to get ahead of the disruptors
3. How to think about the various REIT structuring alternatives and methods of accessing the capital markets– including spin-offs, conversions, access to capital in a public vs. private model, and other trends for capital raising
4. How to address the latest governance concerns – particularly in the face of rising activism
5. How to evaluate the current tax landscape
6. How to complete an M&A negotiation start to finish – learning by example through a mock negotiation

Who Should Attend: This program would be of great value to REIT, real estate, corporate, and restructuring lawyers seeking to understand the new paradigms and the peculiarities and complexities of REIT and REOC M&A and capital markets transactions REIT and REOC general counsel and transnational lawyers. Likewise, analysts, bankers, executives and other professionals who need to understand the latest developments in the world of real estate would benefit from this program.

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1/19/2018 9:00 AM - 1/19/2018 5:00 PM
Columbus Bar Association 175 South Third Street Suite 1100 Columbus, OH 43215 UNITED STATES