Wellness Conversation: Gratitude & Positive Intention

Wellness Conversation: Gratitude &  Positive Intention

Wellness Conversation:
How Gratitude, Fun and Positive Intention Can Change your Life (Even During Unpredictable Times)

Speaker: Amy Armstrong, LISW, PCI Certified Parent Coach®,
The Center for Family Resolution

Professionals who work with people under stress have an added incentive to stay sane and healthy. Keeping ourselves calm, rested and alert allows us to facilitate a positive and productive mindset in ourselves and our clients. Amy Armstrong is a counselor and parent coach who works frequently with families and individuals during times when they are experiencing significant change. Trained as a social worker, Amy understands the influence and impact of negativity and uncertainty on everyone, including professionals, their spouses and their families. In this interactive webinar, she will provide inspiration and practical tips for allowing gratitude, fun and positive intention to color every day, even during unpredictable times.

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Meeting ID: 950 8063 2464

5/26/2020 12:00 PM - 5/26/2020 1:00 PM

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