Young Lawyers Monthly Meeting

Topic: Optimizing Your Presence and Time on LinkedIn

Sure, you may be on LinkedIn, but how effectively are you using it to help you as a legal professional? Attend this hands-on, fun-filled, highly energetic workshop and learn strategies and tips to supercharge your presence and your results using LinkedIn as a brand ambassador for your law firm. 

Bring your laptop and/or phone with the LinkedIn app and learn:

  • How to optimize your profile, including a few techniques to break you apart from your competition
  • The magic of spending 15 minutes a day building social media karma on your LinkedIn homepage
  • A strategy for posting status updates that engage - and don't annoy your connections
  • How to use your LinkedIn metrics to assess your performance

Attendees are invited to connect with Brenda Meller (current LinkedIn SSI: 84) prior to the workshop, and tell her your favorite kind of pie in your invitation to connect.

 Speaker:  Brenda Meller is a self-proclaimed “ambassador” of LinkedIn, national speaker, and the Chief Engagement Officer at Meller Marketing (, which provides marketing and social media support for individuals and businesses, specializing in LinkedIn. She has been leveraging social media to propel her personal and professional efforts for over ten years, and now blends this experience with her marketing expertise to help clients achieve their goals.

9/25/2019 12:00 PM - 9/25/2019 1:00 PM

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