Serving Notice for June 6, 2014

Taft (Columbus) partner-in-charge CHARLES R. "ROCKY" SAXBE passed leadership duties to partner DAVID J. BUTLER, effective June 1. Saxbe will remain active in his role on the firm-wide executive committee and will continue his litigation, election law and public ethics law practice.

JOHN KULEWICZ is a member of a relay team of six Americans, British and Canadians that will swim the English Channel from Dover to France to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Like the Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF) in 1944, the team comes from the U.S., Great Britain and Canada.

“There’s nothing we can do to match the bravery of those who crossed the Channel in June 1944, but we hope to help others remember their courage and sacrifice in this small way,” said team leader John Kulewicz. “The 70th anniversary of the crossing may be the last decennial occasion to enjoy the presence of those who made the 1944 crossing,” said Kulewicz. “We stand in awe and hope to honor them as we swim across these historic waters.”

The team has assembled in Dover and aims to swim across the Channel on the first good weather day between June 3 – 10. Following the rules of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation, the team consists of six members who swim one hour each, in the same order of rotation, from Dover to the French shore.

Dinsmore attorney ANJALI CHAVAN is thanked by her firm for co-chairing this year's Human Rights Campaign Columbus Gala. “She personifies the diverse viewpoints that add balance, perspective and value to everything we do as attorneys — and accomplishes more for our communities.”

Thanks to our ABC 6 TV "Ask the Attorney" volunteers MEREDITH MORIARTY, EMILY LEWIS and FRED BERKEMER. If you would like to volunteer for any Wednesday evening (5:00-7:00pm), contact Marion Smithberger at or call (614) 340-2070. All conversations with callers are private and confidential, and the 100+ callers are grateful for the free advice.