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Kia Wrice

Law School: Capital University Law School, 2013

Court Admissions: Ohio

Bar Memberships: CBA, OSBA

Why did you decide to be a solo attorney participating in Columbus Bar inc?
During my law school career, I decided to become a solo attorney. However, I knew there were other objectives to accomplish before opening up my own law practice. Fortunately, the Columbus Bar Association started the inc program. I was intrigued by the mentoring program and networking events available to participants. Additionally, I loved the safe environment the inc program offers its participants as they transition into solo practice.

What area(s) of law does your solo practice focus on?
Currently, I am practicing family law, criminal law, and traffic law. Eventually, I would like to start handling medical malpractice, workers' compensation, and personal injury claims.

What made you choose your primary area of law?
I believe children have a voice to be heard in legal proceedings and functioning as a Guardian Ad Litem with prior experience working with children, I am the ideal person to represent the best interests of a child by listening and communicating with the child, and providing a safe environment to open up and express what he or she may be feeling and desiring in the proceeding. Additionally, I have a desire to assist people in need and I believe everyone is entitled to due process of law.

What will make your law firm unique?
What will make your law firm unique? It is my desire to provide clients with quality legal representation, treat them with respect, and to never allow money to be the motivating factor in handling a case, but my desire to genuinely assist the client to arrive at a desirable outcome.

Summary of previous employment:
While in law school, I interned at Ulmer & Berne, LLC drafting various legal memorandums and researched products liability and environment law. Additionally, I was an extern at Grange Insurance Company where I compiled various surveys to document state laws in a number of Grange's operating state. During my final year of law school, I was an intern for the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office in the Criminal Division and a Licensed legal Intern for Capital University Law School's Legal Clinic. Functioning as a Licensed Legal Intern gave me the opportunity to provide quality legal representation to indigent persons in various legal matters.

Describe your personal interests and hobbies:
I enjoy exercising, reading, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.