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Todd Olsen

Law School: Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law, 2010

Court Admissions: Ohio

Bar Memberships: CBA, OSBA

Why did you decide to be a solo attorney participating in Columbus Bar inc?
Ever since I entered law school, I knew that I wanted to one day open my own practice. Columbus Bar inc gives me access to resources, mentorship opportunities, and networking that simply aren't available to most attorneys starting a new practice. Growing a new business is a difficult process, and I am very excited to be part of this nationally recognized program that will help me provide the highest quality client service.

What area(s) of law does your solo practice focus on?
I am currently focusing my practice on family law, landlord/tenant law, and criminal misdemeanor defense. I am additionally growing my practice into the areas of small business services, estate planning, and alternative dispute resolution.

What made you choose your primary area of law?
During my time in law school and with the Columbus Legal Aid Society, I have learned that I really enjoy helping people with the legal issues that prevent them from moving on with their lives. Family, housing, and criminal issues are often major impediments in day-to-day lives, and I also do my best to help clients resolve these issues so that they can get on with their lives. I feel that small business services and estate planning are a natural continuation of this, and I like the idea of helping people build for their futures.

What will make your law firm unique?
It is my goal to provide clients with options and recommendations in order to help them make the decisions that are best for them. Ultimately, I feel it is the attorney's job to provide clients with advice and insight so that they can choose the options that are best for them and their circumstances. Every situation, every client, and every case is unique, and it is my job to help clients work towards the solution that is best for them.

Summary of previous employment:
While in law school, I was a summer clerk at the Delaware County Municipal Court where I was exposed to a wide variety of criminal and civil cases. Additionally, in law school, I was a participant in the Ohio Northern Legal Clinic where I helped clients with family law and administrative hearings. After I was admitted to the Ohio Bar, I worked as a volunteer staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Columbus where I helped clients with a variety of issues including divorce, custody, civil protection orders, landlord/tenant issues, unemployment compensation, and evictions.

Describe your personal interests and hobbies:
I am a long-time football fan, and I am also a lifelong student of history and voracious reader.