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The current employment market has created an environment of unprecedented significance for new law school graduates. In an attempt to assist new lawyers, the CBA created Columbus Bar inc.

Program Overview

The "inc" is short for "incubator" - a program intended to accelerate the successful development of new lawyers in an environment that provides an array of business support resources. The Columbus Bar Association provides an office facility, office equipment, access to attorney mentors, training on a variety of law practice management issues, and specially designed networking opportunities to help new lawyers build a successful practice based on sound business principles.

In exchange for the services provided by the Columbus Bar, participants agree to accept at least one pro bono case during their one-year term, creating an additional source for serving the unmet legal needs in central Ohio.

The Columbus Bar Association was the first bar association in the country to develop an incubator program for new lawyers interested in establishing a solo law practice. The program has received praise both locally and nationally.

Columbus Bar inc Limited

In addition to Columbus Bar inc, the CBA now offers Columbus Bar inc Limited, an abbreviated version of the award-winning incubator program. Columbus Bar inc Limited provides similar support services (mentoring, training, networking opportunities) without the added expense of an office. The program is intended for attorneys 0-5 years in practice who are hanging a shingle for the first time, or looking to redirect their career.

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