August 4, 2017

Small Business Essentials:
Great Support Staff

by Matthew Doyaga and Jacob Levine, Columbus Bar Inc

The Columbus Bar Association's Incubator Program, which allows new lawyers to open their own practice under the tutelage of experienced attorneys, has partnered with the Paralegal Program at Capital University to send its students to "inc" for a semester-long internship.

As two long-term members of inc – and lawyers that are new to not only the profession, but also to running a small business – it's become abundantly clear just how important hiring the right support staff is for the success of your practice.

These future paralegals have helped us learn what qualities we should look for and how to spot said qualities in potential employees without having to risk the financial burdens that come with hiring a paralegal; risks that are amplified when a practice is as young as ours.

Even with a partnership as short as one semester, the difference between a good staff member and a great one is striking. A great one can make your life easier, your clients happier and your business more successful.

The experience is also great for paralegals, as well. In addition to being able to get real world job experience, they do so in a wider variety of legal fields. Instead of getting an internship working for a specialized attorney, they get to work in areas of law including bankruptcy, criminal, landlord/tenant, estate planning, domestic and more.

The partnership between the inc and paralegal programs has been a success for both parties – and it all starts with a great staff. If you’re looking for interns in the near future, make sure you start with the great local colleges in Columbus.



The Columbus Bar was the first bar association in the country to develop an incubator program for new lawyers interested in establishing a solo law practice. The program has received praise both locally and nationally.

The program provides new lawyers with an office facility, office equipment, access to attorney mentors, training on a variety of law practice management issues, and specially designed networking opportunities to help new lawyers build a successful practice based on sound business principles.