May 2, 2014

Probate Law Institute - May 15

Catch Up with the Changing Times

by Michael Bonasera

In an evolving world, our practice evolves as well. How do you stay on top of it all? Coming to this year’s Columbus Bar Probate Law Institute will get you started.

We are pleased this year to have eight speakers covering a wide range of topics from those familiar, such as the ethical issues that affect us all; to those that will be novel to many of us, such as the evolving state of same-sex marriage in Ohio.

While the Windsor case shook up the federal picture vis à vis same sex marriage, Ohio has its own evolving line of cases. How these cases have been decided, how broad or narrow are the remedies available to same-sex couples seeking to marry, and how we advise our clients in the wake of these cases are subjects that Richard W. Holz and Miranda E. Morgan, both of Ice Miller will elucidate for us.

Bank or brokerage accounts, qualified retirement accounts, pensions and annuities; these assets are what most people think about when planning for their estate and administering these assets is typically a well-understood part of the probate process.

Often over-looked are items of valuable personal property or other personal property that may be subject to complex and tangled webs of regulation such as federally regulated firearms.

This year’s PLI will feature two speakers on these difficult subjects. Amelia Jeffers, Garth’s Auctions, will assist us with identifying and securing high value personal property, navigating appraisal and auction services, and managing the family dynamic and expectations. In addition Geoffrey Scott will educate us on gun trusts; who needs them, how they work, what they do and how they’re likely to change over time.

With five other topics and a provided lunch, where else would you rather be?! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the beautifully renovated Columbus Bar offices at 8:45am on May 15.

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