November 1, 2013

Law Library Offers Amnesty

The Franklin County Law Library wants its books back and we’re offering a No Questions Asked Amnesty Week. Check in your closet, under your bed, in your car, anywhere you may have tossed your books and bring them into the Law Library November 4 – 8 and we will check them in with no overdue fines.

We are also extending a generous offer to current patrons who have outstanding fines on their account. Patrons who visit the Law Library November 4 – 8 with outstanding fines will have 50% of their overdue fine credited on the condition that they pay the remaining 50% during their visit.

Patrons with $50 in overdue fines are not permitted to check out library items until their balance is reduced. Over 30 patrons currently are unable to check out Law Library books due to their overdue fine balance. By taking advantage of this 50% off offer, those patrons can once again utilize the Law Library to its full potential.

The Law Library is getting ready to do a comprehensive inventory in anticipation of our move to our soon to be renovated space. Getting as many of our overdue books back as possible will assist with this task. We also hope to bring patrons back into the library who have stayed away due to overdue fines or books.

Call the Law Library at (614) 525-4971 to find out what books you have checked out or how much you owe in overdue fines.

–Angela Baldree, Librarian