June 4, 2014

Have You Got a Dog in This Fight?

CLE Easy Pass eligible

No matter what your areas of practice, you will likely encounter at least one client, friend or neighbor, with a legal problem related to a family pet. Many attorneys know about dog bite personal injury cases, and there has been much recent publicity over dog fighting, but the rest of Ohio’s laws on “companion animals” are complex, fascinating and not at all what you would expect. This is your opportunity to learn about animal neglect and cruelty cases, impoundment of strays, shelter operations, and “dangerous,” “vicious,” and “nuisance” dog designation cases.

The Columbus Bar offers a CLE 3.0 hour seminar, Friday June 13, on the basics of Ohio’s Animal and Humane Law.

The host presenter for the program will be attorney John A. Bell, of Bexley, who is involved in litigating several high profile shelter reform and companion animal cruelty cases, and he represents several companion animal Rescue groups, County Humane Societies and others. Also presenting will be Teresa Landon, Director of the Ohio S.P.C.A., Inc., a non-profit private charitable organization. She will discuss Ohio S.P.C.A.’s involvement in companion animal cruelty cases and shelter reform, as well as public outreach. Michael Rodgers, Legal Counsel to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, will also discuss Ohio’s new “puppy mill bill” and the new inspection and licensing processes for animal rescues, breeders, and kennels.

Register for this program online or call (614) 221-4112.