Congratulations, New Ohio Attorneys!

On February 24, 25, and 26, 2015, the Ohio Bar Examination was administered in Columbus. Out of 411 applicants, 63.8%) received passing scores; out of 202 first time applicants, 72% received passing scores. The oath of office will be administered to applicants who were successful on the examination and who have satisfied all of the Supreme Court’s other requirements for admission. The oath will be administered during a special public session of the Supreme Court that will be held at The Ohio Theatre, 39 East State Street, in Columbus, on Monday, May 4, 2015 at 2:00pm.

Nicholas C. Allen
Robert M. Barga
Diana L. Beam
Cynthia A. Bedrosian
Jordan S. Berman
Brittany N. Blackburn
Christopher H. Bond
Shawn M. Caruso
Christopher J. Clements
Rebecca C. Cochran
Keri L. Collin
Aaron J. Cook
Charles B. Cooper
Colin G. DePew
Kevin C. Donahoe
Carolynn E. Fittro
Nathan J. Forb
Matthew S. Grimsley
Ryan L. Halterman
Joseph R. Hamilton
Paul P. Henry
Walter A. Hoff III
Princess J. Hollis
Anna I. Isupova
David M. Janklow
Mark A. King
Dylan O. Knisley
Nicole L. Laiacona
Jacob H. Levine
Jheri K. Lipscomb
Zachary J. Luck
Natalie L. Malone
Patrick D. McCarthy
Christine L. McIntyre
Abby J. McMahon
Matthew T. Metzner
Tara M. Mondjack
Jonathan Z. Morris
Sarah C. Mott
Joshua L. Muckerman
Michelle M. Mumaw
Shannon R. Nannapaneni
Carla Napolitano
John T. Nocar
Sarah J. Padgett
David T. Parker
Adam J. Philipp
Rhonda L. Pitsch
David R. Plumb
Mary L. Ranney
Laura J. Rush
Robert A. Sanders
Tanya H. Schmid
Kofi A. Semenya Jr.
Parker M. Sinclair
Reed W. Sirak
Arthi G. Siva
Kevin M. Snell
Ramona K. Sprague
Robert S. Stratton
Mark A. Thompson
Julia A. Veldman
Hannah C. Wilson
Michelle L. Wolfe
Carlen Zhang

Let's Celebrate!

Are you one of the new attorneys listed on this page? If so, join us on May 14 at Dawson Legal to celebrate your achievement. Attendees will be eligible for free CBA membership - which includes 12 FREE hours of New Lawyer Training.

For more information about Columbus Bar membership, contact Caitlin Roberts at (614) 340-2063 or