September 29, 2017

Columbus is THE City

by Robert Weiler, The Robert Weiler Company

An explosion is taking place right here in Columbus: a good kind. It seems like every morning Columbus Business First has “Breaking News” announcing another new development in our city.

The well-designed buildings are changing the landscape in Columbus. We’re heading for 10,000 new residents downtown, just as former Mayor Mike Coleman had hoped. Columbus has become a “hot city.” Just over 30 years ago, attorney and community leader Melvin Schottenstein, told a large Columbus Chamber of Commerce audience his wish would be for your kids and his to want to live in Columbus after graduation. It was a time when Chicago, New York and other cities were considered to be greener pastures.

Just 10 years ago our country was headed into the worst recession since the great depression. Since then, not only has Central Ohio recovered, but we’ve experienced more ground breakings in the past five years than any time in our history.

What is the catalyst for all the new construction? Start with a favorable financial climate with interest rates at historic lows. Add competent, experienced developers addressing a pent-up demand, and you have a plethora of successful developments throughout Central Ohio. It takes a team effort, including knowledgeable lawyers, to walk a project through to completion. Title examination, negotiating mortgage documents, handling construction contracts, preparing leases and assisting with tax incentives are just some of the wide range of legal expertise that is required for a successful development project.

We at The Robert Weiler Company are excited to be celebrating our 79th year at a time when Columbus has become the best place to live, work, play and raise a family. Mel Schottenstein would be smiling.

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