September 17, 2020

CBA Members Receive 25% Discount for Lemonade Legal Industry Event

When: September 23, 2020

Do you, or anyone in your firm need a little pick me up? Because Lemonade is exactly that – we all got some LEMONS in 2020 and we are going to turn them into Lemonade on September 23rd! The schedule is full of amazing speakers, lots of breaks, and all the sessions are recorded so you can view them for up to a year after the event. You can check out all the details here:

Here are some highlights:

a. Lemonade Stands! We have some virtual hangout ‘rooms’ where you can listen to some chill music, get the latest and greatest when it comes to legal resources, and talk with our speakers after their sessions!

b. A special interview with Jack Newton. Jack is the CEO of Clio, the largest SaaS based Practice Management Platform in the legal Industry. Jack is also the author of The Client-Centered Law Firm

c. A focus on health and wellness. We have some superstar health and wellness professionals that are going to share some tips for getting and staying at the top of your game.

d. All Juice – No Pulp. We have a special session that is going to be 5 ROCKSTAR speakers, sharing for 10 minutes each all about building relationships.

e. The Final SQUEEZE – A special concert just for Lemonaders by The Bellamy Brothers, presented by Professor of Rock

f. Not sure? Check out the promo video:

Get 25% Off

If you want to attend, CBA members get a 25% discount, taking the cost from $99 to $75. Simply email with the subject line ‘Lemonade’ and you will receive an electronic invoice to pay.