Bench Bar Retreat 2014

August 27 @ the Columbus Bar Association

It’s going to be interesting and informative. It’s going to be substantive. It’s going to be worthwhile. It’s going to be good – and you’re going to want to be there.

The one-day Bench Bar event will be held on August 27 at the Columbus Bar offices, followed by a reception on the stage at the Columbus Commons with food, drink and entertainment by The Klatt Brothers Band.


Join us for a light breakfast at 8:00, followed by “Judges on Judging,” a panel of judges discussing what it means to be a judge, including judicial philosophy, temperament, challenges, and reflections as well as practical considerations. Moderator, Judge James Green, with panel: Judge Jeffrey Sutton, Judge Kimberly Cocroft.

Next on the agenda is “Attorneys on Judges, What attorneys wish that judges knew,” a humorous and candid discussion with a panel of attorneys and judges discussing the good, the bad, the frustrating and the memorable encounters with our local judiciary. Audience participation encouraged. Moderator will be Stephen Fitch; with panel: Judge Charles Schneider, Sandra Anderson, S. Michael Miller, and Robert Palmer.

During lunch, Bruce Petrie Jr., a lawyer, painter, author and speaker on topics of art and law, will present a one-hour CLE program from his “Brush with the Law, An Artful Eye on Law.”

The afternoon will include six breakout sessions. From 1:45-2:45pm, choose from:

Voir Dire: A panel of judges and attorneys discuss the art of voir dire, varying approaches, and the do’s and don’ts by the most experienced observers and practitioners. Moderator is Belinda Barnes with panel: Kacey Chappelear, Judge Mark Serrott.

Appealing Practices: A panel of appellate practitioners and judges discuss the art of the appeal: What works, what doesn’t, and how oral argument differs from argument in the trial court. Moderator: Anne Marie Sferra, and panel: Yvette McGee Brown, Judge R. Guy Cole.

For the Family Law practitioners, How to Try a Divorce Case – a panel of judges and practitioners will discuss every aspect of trial from preparing the trial notebook to closing arguments; moderator Chris Geer, with panel: Heather Sowald, Judge Dana Preisse.

From 3:00-4:00, take your pick from these three programs:

Juror Perspectives: The view from the jury box: What works, what doesn’t, and what real people really think of lawyers in the court room. Panel: Judge Carrie Glaeden, Judge Richard Frye, Zachary Amendolea, Kathy Wiesman.

Ohio Supreme Court on Review: Speakers: Chad Readler, Eric Murphy and Mike Hendershot.

Emerging Trends in Domestic Relations Practice: Judges and lawyers discuss what’s new in domestic relations law including emerging case law addressing same gender issues; speakers: LeeAnn Massucci, Judge Beth Gill.

The Bench Bar Retreat will apply to the Supreme Court of Ohio for a total of 6.0 CLE hours. Additional speakers are still being added to the agenda. Questions? Call (614) 221-4112.


Online registration

Register online or call (614) 221-4112


Join us from 4:00-6:00pm at the Columbus Commons Pavilion for a performance by The Klatt Brothers Band