Columbus Bar Vision

The Columbus Bar Association is a diverse community of nearly 5,000 central Ohio legal professionals. Founded in 1869, the association is led by a Board of Governors consisting of 11 members, three Officers, and the Executive Director. The Board oversees the activities of its various committees and staff.

Our Mission

The Columbus Bar Association strives to be the leader in providing excellent, innovative and cost effective services to members of the legal profession and the general public in central Ohio. Through the active involvement of a broad and diverse membership, we will focus on professionalism, education, advocacy and community service in order to advance the justice system for all.

Long Range Plan

The CBA, through its leadership and members, periodically develops a long range plan to guide its future. Most recently, in 2011, the Columbus Bar Association Long-Range Planning Committee launched an effort to update its then-existing strategic plan which had guided policy and program decisions for several years. The focus of the committee and its process was to determine areas where member needs were evolving or could be better met, to discern trends that may require the Columbus Bar to make adjustments in its programs and services, and to remain proactive.

Read the Columbus Bar Association's strategic plan to guide policy and program decisions through 2016.

Code of Regulations