Client Development Tools

With over 70 years of lawyer referral experience, the Columbus Bar Association enjoys a solid, trusted reputation within the central Ohio region. We offer three marketing tools for CBA members who are seeking to build their client base:

Lawyer Referral Service

The right call for the right lawyer

Each year, the CBA Lawyer Referral Service receives thousands of inquiries from callers seeking legal services in Central Ohio. Attorneys who agree to abide by our high standards can receive quality referrals as a way to build or expand their client base.

All members of the Columbus Bar Lawyer Referral Service make a personal commitment of professionalism, and are required to sign the nine "Commitments to Clients," provide proof of professional liability insurance coverage, use a written fee agreement for each LRS-referred case, and agree to mediation/binding arbitration through the Columbus Bar in the event of a fee dispute.

For more information, contact Becky Hartman or call (614) 340-2030, or download the CBA Lawyer Referral Service Application.

The Columbus Bar Directory

Search for attorneys by practice area, foreign language abilities, and license to practice in various states/courts

The Columbus Bar Directory is central Ohio's premier resource for navigating the local legal community and is searchable by over 200 categories -- including attorney fields of practice, foreign language skills, and admission to practice in a variety of states and courts.

Every month, 17,000 people search for a lawyer in our widely-used Directory, and CBA members receive an enhanced profile for free, including a photo and elevator speech. Click here to add your name to the list of search results for your practice areas.

Columbus Find a Lawyer

Exclusive to CBA members, is affordable, high-quality online advertising that connects members with clients in a straightforward and friendly way. Site subscriptions provide multi-page online profiles with links to individual or firm websites and high search engine rankings for 'Columbus lawyer' searches.

Attorneys must meet high standards to be listed on To sign up or get additional information, please click here, or contact Ken Matejka or call (415) 513-8736.