Important News for Notary Renewal Applicants

Due to COVID-19 and the difficulty to obtain a BCI background check during this time, the Ohio Secretary of State is temporarily waiving the BCI requirement and allowing notary renewals until the end of 2020 to submit their BCI report.

Instead, when completing the application online, in the area designated for background check report, renewal applicants should upload a document that states: “Due to the Coronavirus, I am unable to obtain a BCI report, but I will mail or email a BCI report to the Ohio Secretary of State by December 31, 2020 or may be subject to cancellation.”

Renew Your Ohio Notary Commission

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To renew your Ohio notary commission, follow the steps below:

NOTE: Has your commission expired or will it expire within 30 days?

If your commission has expired, you are treated as a new applicant and must follow the New Notary Application requirements under the Ohio Notary Public Modernization Act. There is no grace period under the new law.

If your commission expires within 30 days, you may proceed with the steps listed below, but please note that your background check results may not be received in time to submit your renewal application.

  • BCI results are mailed directly to you and can take up to 30 days to be received. Please plan accordingly. If your commission expires before receiving your background check results, your application will be incomplete, and you will not be able to renew your commission. You will be treated as a new notary applicant and be subject to the New Notary Application requirements under the Ohio Notary Public Modernization Act.

  • Please contact the CBA Notary Department for assistance at or (614) 340-2031.

1. BCI background check*
(See notice at top of page for changes to this requirement due to COVID-19)

For your convenience, we conduct BCI background checks for class registrants during the hour before each renewal class. This time is reserved for those registered to attend our classes and no additional appointment is necessary after class registration. The $35.00 fee is due at the time of service by credit or debit card only. Valid Ohio ID required. Class registrants will be processed on a first come first served basis beginning at 9:00am on each class date. Please select your class date below.

*NOTE: The Secretary of State will not accept BCI background check results dated more than 6 months before application submission.

2. Take the notary class

You must successfully complete a 1-hour notary continuing education class. The class is available online for $45. Credit or debit card only.

Renewal Notary Education
1-hour notary class for renewing notaries. Select this option to complete the required education online.

3. Complete the Secretary of State's application

Submit a Renewal Application electronically to the Secretary of State’s office. That application must include your name, residential address, date of birth, BCI background check results, signature and evidence that you have successfully completed a 1-hour notary continuing education course through an authorized education provider. A $15 application fee must be paid directly to the Secretary of State with a credit or debit card when the application is submitted.

*NOTE: Your renewal application may not be submitted to the Secretary of State more than 90 days before your commission expiration date.

4. Receive your commission in the mail

The Secretary of State will process your completed renewal application and, if approved, it will issue your commission directly to you after you have affirmed your compliance with the rules. Your commission will expire 5 years from the date it was issued and your commission information will be posted on a public searchable database on the Secretary of State's website.

5. Order your notary stamp and supplies

The Columbus Bar Association has all the notary supplies you need, from stamps and embossers to nameplates and ink. Click here to order your notary supplies.

Still have questions? Please contact us at or (614) 340-2031.

Notary Public Frequently Asked Questions
You may submit your renewal application to the Secretary of State no sooner than 90 days prior to your commission expiration date. For your renewal application to be complete, you must have your background check results and proof that you have completed the required education. Background check results can take up to 30 days to receive in the mail.

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