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Columbus Bar Technology

All Columbus Bar meeting rooms are wired for high-speed internet connectivity, free wireless internet access, and video-conferencing. In addition, our rooms have additional technology (i.e. DVD access, screens for presentations, etc.). Please see our Meeting Rooms pages for specific room descriptions, dimensions, and technology available.

Columbus Bar Video-Conferencing

The Columbus Bar Association is equipped with video-conferencing capabilities in all five of our meeting rooms. Whether taking a deposition from a witness in another state or collaborating with colleagues in remote offices, video-conferencing allows face-to-face meetings without needing to leave town.

For more information regarding videoconferencing, please download the Columbus Bar meeting facilities brochure. All videoconferencing must be reserved in advance according to the Space Rental Agreement of the Columbus Bar. If you are interested in scheduling videoconferencing at the Columbus Bar, please contact Anne Schmitz at (614) 340-2066 or

Contracts and Pricing

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