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Jeffrey Willis

Jeremiah C. Young

Calling all mentors!

Columbus Bar inc is currently seeking mentors who are willing to provide guidance to up and coming solo practitioners. One of the benefits to Columbus Bar inc is to provide new attorneys with a support system of professionals to help them navigate the practice of law.

One office within the Columbus Bar inc suite is dedicated for on-site mentors to be able to meet with the attorneys and provide guidance. The mentoring relationship is a fundamental part of what Columbus Bar inc is providing to new solo attorneys to enhance their likelihood of success.

Whether you are willing to commit regularly to mentoring on-site, or if you could be available via telecommunications for the attorneys, Columbus Bar inc would appreciate adding you to the existing list of retired judges, practice-area specific attorneys, and general practitioners.

In addition to the mentoring relationship, Columbus Bar inc is seeking professionals to provide educational seminars on a variety of topics.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or being a speaker on an educational topic, or both, please contact Judy McInturff at


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