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Mark A. King

Law School: Capital University Law School, 2015

Court Admissions: Ohio

Bar Memberships: CBA, OSBA, ABA

Why did you decide to be a solo attorney participating in Columbus Bar inc?
I enjoy the freedom that comes as a solo practitioner. Columbus Bar inc offers me the opportunity to refine my skills while expanding my business knowledge.

What area(s) of law does your solo practice focus on?
Domestic, Landlord-Tenant, Probate, Tax, Business

What made you choose your primary area of law?
I am concerned with helping individuals find the best solutions for their families and work to make their small businesses a success.

Summary of previous employment:
I was site coordinator for the IRS’ low income tax program. I worked assisting vets with their legal issues at OMVLAP.

Describe your personal interests and hobbies:
I love reading - mostly biographies, history, science fiction, and fantasy for junk food. I am an avid cyclist and enjoy hiking and camping. I love concerts and rooting for the Columbus Crew.