News Releases Track Successes and Lessons Learned

"Minority representation in our firms is clearly much better in 2011 than 2000, but the reality is we've also seen some excellent minority attorneys choose to leave this year. Recruitment is a vital step, and we've gotten good at it, but long-term diversity also requires building an environment for success and satisfaction that keeps minority attorneys wanting to stay."
--Columbus Managing Partners' Diversity Initiative

Public accountability and measurable results are two critical components of the Managing Partner's Diversity Initiative. Each participating organization agrees to conduct an annual survey of its employees to closely track diversity statistics. The surveys are reported to the Columbus Bar Association, and are published in a news release to the media and public.

Press Releases


The Columbus Managing Partner's Diversity Initiative (MPDI) has been recognized locally, statewide and nationally over the past fifteen years - most recently receiving the 2015 Partnership Award from the American Bar Association. This is the second time the MPDI has been recognized by the ABA. The MPDI has been the recipient of the Ohio State Bar Foundation "2007 Outstanding Program/ Organization Award," and the 2010 John Mercer Langston Bar Association "Outstanding Organization Award." Previous awards include the 2003 "Diversity Champion" award from United Way, the 2005 "Achievement Award" from the Ohio Society of Association Executives, and the 2003 "Partnership Award" from the American Bar Association, the . The program continues to be seen as a model program for bar associations across the country. We publish our 5-year plans, progress reports and resources not only to communicate with and encourage our immediate community, but to share a larger dialogue with many interested legal organizations nationwide.