Columbus Bar Holds "Outstanding" Award for Minority Clerkship Program

The Columbus Bar received accolades recently from the Ohio State Bar Foundation, praising the Minority Clerkship Program now celebrating 20 years as an integral part of the Columbus and state legal system. The program has connected minority students from Capital Law School and Moritz College of Law with law firms, corporate legal offices and government departments in a diversity effort, bringing together more than 500 students with more than 60 employers.

Candidates for the program, first-year minority law students, are selected through essays graded by law professors and interviews by attorneys. Highest-ranked candidates are randomly matched with firms and other employers.

The OSBF cited the Columbus Bar for the 2007 Outstanding Program or Organization Award for its far-reaching diversity efforts: "Much like the phrase "Charity begins at home and then spreads abroad,' the effects of the Minority Clerkship Program have spread from Columbus throughout the country." It was said that alumni of the program attribute their success to opportunities they were given to showcase their talents in positions or employment that otherwise might not have been available. The commendation continued, "this program strengthened the confidence of many young law students as they rediscovered that success lies within the individual."