August 17, 2018

'Inclusivity': The Way to Attract and Retain Diverse Talent

by Steve Francis, Franchise D&I Solutions, LLC

Scientifically and otherwise, it’s been proven that diverse teams out-perform homogenous teams. Top diverse talent can lead to more market share in emerging economies, foster greater creativity and launch innovation that leads to a competitive edge. The best way to attract and retain top diverse talent is to lead with inclusivity.

Attraction: With social media as the window through which most see organizations, one must demonstrate clearly and concisely how it practices inclusion within the organization. Develop ways for the site visitor to see the existence of open and welcoming environments that proactively and periodically encourage employees to offer their diverse value, thoughts and perspectives toward solving problems, making decisions and developing new trends for the organization. This sends a clear message that they belong on your team.

Retention: Extended onboarding and stay interviews are effective tools to retain top diverse talent, even younger generations that get the ‘three-to-five-year itch’ with employers. Onboarding that lasts between 18 months and three years offers employees the opportunity to rotate through the organization before they take their permanent assignment. This allows organic learning to occur (by both the employer and employee) and for a sense of loyalty and ‘investment’ to be realized by both employer and employee – not just a ‘hiring’.

For those without an extended onboarding process, the stay interview (as opposed to an ‘exit interview’) lets the high-potential diverse employee know you consider them a valued member of the team. Ask them after their third year, during their annual performance review: ‘What has made you stay with our organization; Where do you see yourself in the next three to five years; How can we/I help support you to get there?’.

Safe travels on your road to inclusivity!