April 14, 2017

Providing Legal Clinics Attracts Employees

by Jacob Levine, The Law Office of Jacob H. Levine, LLC

Business owners face more pressure than ever to provide “value-added” benefits as companies offer in-house chefs, recreational areas and other perks. However, many businesses also lack the discretionary budget to provide these benefits. One low-cost, high-benefit option business owners should consider is introducing legal services for employees.

When setting up a clinic I am frequently asked a wide array of questions from both employers and employees.


How much does it cost?
Attorneys can provide legal clinics for employees at little to no cost, because they have the opportunity to retain an employee as a separate client. Pop up legal clinics, which are similar to companies that provide flu shots at the office, can cover a range of matters, but one big exception should be employer-related disputes, to avoid a conflict with the business.

What benefits do these program provide?
1. Reduced missed time. Employee retention matters. Employees miss work for housing-related issues, childcare problems and problems with license suspension. An attorney can resolve these issues and keep an employee at work.
2. Reduced legal costs for employees. Because the attorney has access to multiple potential clients in one location, employees receive a reduced rate. Also, employees receive the benefit of having an attorney available without making an appointment or paying a consultation fee.

What is needed to get started?
A space large enough to host the clinic is the only requirement, although offering audio-visual equipment for presentations is always appreciated. For one-on-one appointments, attorneys only need a private place to talk with clients. An empty office, or a secluded area, is enough. No special equipment needed, and no monthly subscription.


Employee questions usually focus on determining if they have a legal issue. Attorneys should expect a wide range of issues, including: contract issues, landlord-tenant issues, and wills and estates issues. The benefit of a pop-up clinic is that employees can get advice on whether they have a claim and a few suggestions on how to proceed. At the end of the day, this proactive approach can often help catch issues earlier, which helps individuals focus more on their careers and families.

Jacob Levine is an attorney specializing in employee-focused business legal solutions. More information about his law firm can be found at www.jacoblevinelaw.com.

Jacob Levine, Esq.