January 20, 2017

Legal Education Isn't Just for Lawyers

Associations of like-minded professionals exist everywhere. The foundational structure of membership-based organizations relies on commonality of talent, knowledge and goal.

That very structure, however, breeds career isolation and can lead to stagnation in business development. Collaboration between symbiotic communities has a regenerative effect, providing conversation based on commonality while stimulating development through differences.

One of the tacit missions of the Columbus Bar Association is to educate its membership in order to support the legal requirements that attorneys must satisfy to retain their licensure. The much larger holistic mission, however, is to educate all professionals touched by the law. The CBA creates educational opportunities open to all communities, granting continuing education (CE) credits to non-lawyers from many professions: CPAs, realtors, title insurance professionals, licensed social workers and marital counselors to name a few.

For those business community members that want to meet and network with a wide variety of legal professionals, the CBA provides committee and educational platforms to achieve that end. Do you want to mine the legal talent that belongs to the CBA community? Be a part of the many events we host here at the bar. The CBA isn’t just for lawyers.

Interested in getting a start in associating with CBA members? Come to the Real Property Law Institute on Feb. 2 and 3. If you are a real estate professional, you can even get valuable CE credit. For more information, click here or call (614) 221-4112.