August 4, 2017

Law, Leadership and Pies

by Kelsey Pohlman

Each summer, Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter's Summer Associates pick a local organization to raise money for through the Columbus Bar Foundation. This year, the group picked the Law and Leadership Institute (LLI) and raised more than $2,500 for them.

“As Immediate Past Foundation President, Tom Hill was a good source of information for the associates,” Kegler’s Director of Human Resources Jenna Nistelbeck said. “He explained what it was and they were really interested in it.”

After speaking with Hill, the associates met with some of their attorneys to learn more about the organization and its role in the community. After long deliberation, they chose to raise the funds with an old-fashioned pie contest.

And on Wednesday, July 26, Kegler hosted a Happy Hour where their employees entered a raffle to pie the “winners”: Mike Schottenstein and Bill Levendusky (pictured). Before the big day, each floor competed to raise the most money; the two “losing” floors then raised even more money to see who was going to be pied.

Interested in raising money through the Columbus Bar Foundation? Head to the website:

Mike Schottenstein and Bill Levendusky await their pies

Mike Schottenstein gets a pie to the face from Tom Hill


Kegler Summer Associates (L-R) Morgan Tendam, Danielle Matteson, Shana Marks and Matt Petti, with LLI Director (center) Heather Creed