April 22, 2020

How to Request a Video or Phone Conference in Franklin County Domestic/Juvenile Court

A Message from Administrative Magistrate William Sieloff

Please click here to access the Request for Phone or Video Conference form, along with instructions for efiling the form. You may begin to use this form now to request a video or phone conference on your cases.

In order to request a video or phone conference with your assigned Judge or Magistrate, you must first contact all attorneys and parties not represented by attorneys on your case and coordinate times that you all are available. The Court will not be coordinating the logistics for parties availability. All attorneys and parties must agree to request the video or phone conference prior to contacting the Court. Once all attorneys and self-represented parties agree to request the video or phone conference, they may either efile the “Request for Phone/Video Conference” form, or they may contact the Judge’s or Magistrate’s staff directly.

Contact information for Judges can be found here: https://drj.fccourts.org/DRJ.aspx?PN=Meet_the_judges.htm

Contact information for Magistrates can be found here: https://drj.fccourts.org/DRJ.aspx?PN=Meet_the_Magistrates.htm

Prior to any phone or video conference occurring, all attendees must test their device to ensure that it will connect properly and work with Zoom. You may use a computer or tablet with a camera, microphone, and an internet connection to access Zoom video conferencing. You may also use your smartphone to access Zoom video conferencing through the Zoom app (please select “use internet audio” regardless of whether your device is connected to the internet or not). If you do not have a camera, microphone, or internet service for your computer or tablet, and you do not have a smartphone, you can access Zoom by dialing into a preassigned number.

Please follow any additional orders from the Judge or Magistrate related to the subject matter of the video or phone conference, and have your case information prepared and available. The Court expects the same professionalism, decorum and preparedness as if you were appearing in person. Failure to appear for the phone or video conference timely may result in further delay to your case including rescheduling of your video or phone conference.

Below are additional resources that can help you become familiar with Zoom.





Magistrate Sieloff