January 5, 2018

From the Columbus Bar Staff: Social Media Tips & Tricks

by Kelsey Pohlman, Columbus Bar Association

With millions (billions on some platforms) of international users on social media, being the content curator for your brand can be a tricky business.

Because posts are only words on a screen, with no context from the authors, there’s a fine line between what works and what can offend. Here are some tips our staff whipped up to keep your social media relevant, fun and appropriate:

  • Time is of the essence. Don’t schedule your posts unless you absolutely have to. Breaking news throughout the day may affect your message. Drafting posts and then tweaking them to fit the time/date of posting is better and comes off as more genuine.
  • Twitter has 280 characters for a reason; keep it short and sweet!
  • Posts with pictures or video are more than twice as likely to be seen on Facebook. If you don’t have a photo, design a graphic.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use social media to drive viewers to existing content on your company’s website or other publications; think of social media as a free way to market your business.
  • Give a call to action. Include a link or “next step” in your posts, so that readers who are interested can take that interest further.
  • Spread the word: incentivize your members or clients to post before, during and after events.
  • Go with the flow and follow trends. You don’t have to use all of the trending hashtags or topics, but take advantage of those that fit your message – and don’t be afraid to use emojis and .gifs!