November 1, 2018

Congratulations, New Attorneys!

On July 24-26, the Ohio Bar Examination was administered in Columbus. Of the 862 individuals who sat for the exam, 603 (60.9 percent) received passing scores; out of the 712 first-time applicants, 79 percent received passing scores. The oath of office will be administered to successful applicants who have satisfied all of the Supreme Court’s other requirements for admission. The oath will be administered during a special public session of the Supreme Court that will be held at the Palace Theatre in Columbus on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 10:30 a.m. or 2 p.m.

Shahed Al-asadi
Daniel Albrecht
Justine Allen
Kyle Anderson
Nora Anderson
Josef Asfoura
Lauren Augostini
Yass Benis
Jordan Benson
Madison Berry
Mary Bockstahler
Brittany Boyer
Jacob Brandt
Natalie Bryans
Clair Bullock
John Burnside
Alison Buzzard
Christopher Calpin
Robert Castricone Jr.
Anthony Chambers
Abigail Chin
Josiah Collier
Leslie Collins
Tyler Compton
Stephanie Crawford
Kevin Cripe
Margaret Dengler
Margaret Derethik
Cristina Dickos
Robert Doersam
Dexter Dorsey
Kyle Downie
Brian Doyle-Wengerv Haily Duong
Sarah Edwards
Eliana Elizalde
Rachel Elwood
Mackenzie Ferguson
John Ferrell
Jessica Francis
Christopher Gawronski
Kaitlyn Hawkins
Jennifer Hayes-Jimenez
Mohamad Haykal
Benjamin Hemmelgarn
Jennifer Hengst
Scott Herkamp
Steven Hiestand
Elizabeth Hodder
Shaina Hombach
Zachary Hoover
Andrew Hopkins
Chuqing Huang
Krista Hudson
Chaz Hutchinson
Sarah Ingles
Devin Jacobs
Sujuan Johnson
Katherine Johnstonv Alexander Karcher
Chynna Kelley
Jordan Kennedy
Aubrey Kiger
Sean Klammer
Chelsey Kovach
Erika Kramer
Kimberly Land
Mary Lawson
Samuel Lewis
Ryan Liddy
Thomas Loeb
Amber Lucci
Ralph Lusher III
Timothy Luskin
Brooke Mangiarelli
Katharine Markijohn
Christian McFarland
Delmas Miller
Brian Morgan
Amanda Morris
Lidia Mowad
Kelsey Mullen
Silvia Munguia Atanacio
Alexandria Nagel
Charles Noble III
Connor Organ
Brittnee Pankey Qualls
Chandni Patel
Katlyn Patton
James Payne III
David Pelletier
Brian Perry
Jordan Powers
Paige Rabatin
Jordan Rader
Reyad Rasul
Lydia Reback
Paul Reiser
Rachel Rinehardt
Porsha Robinson
Ann Roche
Andrew Rowan
Brenon Russell
William Ryan
Courtney Sackett
Anthony Sallee
Paige Schaffer
Samantha Scherger
Kelsey Schiffer
Larae Schraeder
Samuel Seeds
Clark Seiling
Jesse Shamp
Brigid Sharek
Kevin Shimp
Scott Shugart
Michael Silverstein
Lauren Simmons
Laure Soltis
Jhannelle Spottswood
Thomas Spyker
Christopher St. Pierre
Adam Steele
Charles Stewart
Zackary Stillings
Melissa Stimpert
Amanda Strausbaugh
Emily Taft
Maxwell Taylor
Morgan Tendam
Andre Tirado
Chakir' C. Underdown
Nathan VanDenBerghe
Angelina Vega
Krista Warren
Taylor Waters
Danielle Wayland
Teddy Webb
Breezy Weyant
Donald Wiggins Jr.
Alexis Wilder
Christopher Wincek Jr.
Matthew Wisniewski
Tanner Wolffram
Joseph Womick
Katherine Woodford
Kevin W Zamora
Nathan Zukowitz

Let's Celebrate!

Are you one of the new attorneys listed on this page? If so, join us on November 28 at Dawson Legal to celebrate your achievement. Attendees will be eligible for one year of a free CBA membership, which includes 12 FREE hours of New Lawyer Training.

For more information about Columbus Bar membership or to RSVP for the event, contact Brianna Antinoro at (614) 340-2063 or