April 30, 2018

Congratulations, New Central Ohio Attorneys!

On February 27, 28, and March 1, 2018, the Ohio Bar Examination was administered in Wilmington. Out of 374 applicants, 195 (52.1%) received passing scores; out of 147 first time applicants, 67% received passing scores. The oath of office will be administered to applicants who were successful on the examination and who have satisfied all of the Supreme Court’s other requirements for admission. The oath will be administered during a special public session of the Supreme Court that will be held at The Ohio Theatre, 39 East State Street, in Columbus, on Monday, May 7, 2018, at 2:00 P.M.

Jumana Ali
Kelsey Ayers
Harold Baker
Patrick Barnacle
Abbey Becca
Enoch Bondzie
Joshua Butler
Evan Cochran
Tyler Cope
Bridget Cunningham
Christian Davis
Carolyn DeChard
Andrew Doup
Nicholas Fagnano
Devan Flahive
Ian Gaunt
Michael Gibson
Jacob Grabinski
Alicia Harris
Michael Hinel
Haley Holmberg
Traci Hoover
Jennifer Karpe
Anthony Lelli
Sergey Mangayan
Stephany McMillin
Zachary Mckendrick
Katherine Memsic
Jennifer Mensah
Matthew Mikulin
Charles Miller
Matthew Mollica
Patrick Murphy
Krisztina Nadasdy
Angela O'Brien
Alex Palomba
Jalyn Parks
Connor Phalon
John Prunte
Meka Rafiyq Gaines
Mark Romis
Christopher Ross
Ashley Saadey
Ryan Schobert
James Schoenewald
Sierra See
Sonya Shaw
Arslan Sheikh
Anthony Svab
Hillary Tigerina
Patricia Vargas Vegas
Erica Vincent
Brianna Walsh
Cedric Ware
Paige Wilson
Tara Workman
James Young
Anthony Zarate

Let's Celebrate!

Are you one of the new attorneys listed on this page? If so, join us on May 23 at Dawson Legal to celebrate your achievement. Attendees will be eligible for free CBA membership, which includes 12 FREE hours of New Lawyer Training.

For more information about Columbus Bar membership, contact Kelsey Pohlman at (614) 340-2063 or kelsey@cbalaw.org.