April 10, 2018

Jury Improvement Lunch on April 20

Attorneys: interested in improving your trial skills? Don't miss this lunch on April 20 at the Sheraton Columbus. Click here to register.

The Civil Jury Project at NYU School of Law is the only academic center in the country dedicated exclusively to the preservation and improvement of jury trials in civil cases. We have concluded that any effort to save jury trials requires that we treat jury service as a privilege rather than a duty and that we learn from those who have served how lawyers and judges can improve the quality of civil dispute resolution by juries.

The Columbus Bar Association, the Ohio Chapter of ABOTA, and the Civil Jury Project at NYU Law School are sponsoring the first Columbus Jury Improvement Lunch on Friday, April 20 at noon at the Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square. The hotel is located at 75 East State Street, Columbus, OH 43215. The lunch will be hosted by Porter Wright, Kegler Brown, and others may join as sponsors or hosts. The purpose of the lunch is to honor the jurors and to learn from them about what can be done to improve civil trials.

We are asking practicing lawyers to pay $45 for their own lunches. The cost of the lunches for the judges and jurors will be shared by the host law firms. We are in the process of arranging for the lawyers who attend to receive credit for their continuing legal education requirements. Anyone interested in improving their trial skills will not want to miss this lunch. It was the overwhelming consensus of those lawyers and judges who attended our previous lunch that it was informative and should be repeated at regular intervals.

Because we assign tables (to make sure the lawyers from the same firms, the judges and the jurors are divided) and have limited space, we ask that you make a reservation in advance if you want to attend. You can do so by using this link: http://civiljuryproject.law.nyu.edu/jury-improvement-lunch-registration/.

Jury Improvement Lunch


April 20 @ noon


Sheraton Hotel Columbus at Capitol Square