May 1, 2020

Columbus Bar 2020 Judicial Performance Poll Results Announced

The results of the Columbus Bar Association online 2020 Judicial Performance Poll have been calculated. Judges who have held office for at least one year were rated on a scale of one to five for performance in categories unique to each court. Franklin County attorneys were asked to rate the judges of the Tenth District Court of Appeals as well as the three divisions of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas - General, Domestic/Juvenile, and Probate

Rating criteria was on a five-point scale for each specific category, with five representing excellent, four representing generally strong, three representing acceptable, two representing weak and one representing poor. An overall rating was then calculated for each judge based of the specific category ratings.

The Performance Poll was developed by the Columbus Bar to help maintain the high quality of our judiciary and to educate voters during an election year. The results are also an element considered by the Columbus Bar’s Judicial Screening Committee when interviewing judicial candidates prior to the fall elections.

The results tally responses from attorneys who indicated they had appeared before the judge they were rating in the last two years. All Franklin County attorneys were eligible to vote in the poll and 508 responses were received.

Judge the Candidates

Prior to the November election, visit the CBA's "Judge the Candidates" website to learn about the judicial candidates on the ballot for Franklin County courts.