May 9, 2014

2014 Judicial Performance Poll Results

The judges of four Franklin County courts received generally favorable ratings for their skills on the bench from the attorneys who appear before them, according to the poll released by the Columbus Bar.

The Columbus Bar sponsors the judicial performance poll annually, producing a grade card between elections that helps both voters and judges. Voters can watch their elected court officers, and judges can note how they are perceived in the legal community. The Poll was developed by the Columbus Bar in an effort to help maintain the high quality of our judiciary and to educate voters during an election year. The results are also an element considered by the Columbus Bar’s Judicial Screening Committee when interviewing judicial candidates prior to the fall elections.

Judges who have held office for at least one year were rated on a scale of one to five. Common Pleas and Domestic Relations judges are rated for performance in five categories: objectivity, judicial temperament, legal knowledge, sentencing and timeliness. The categories for sentencing and timeliness are excluded from the ratings of the judges in the Court of Appeals who not do hand down sentences, but a rating for quality of opinions is added. Probate Court categories include objectivity, judicial temperament, legal knowledge and timeliness.

The results tally responses from attorneys who indicated they had appeared in the last two years before the judge they were rating. The total number of responses reflected a small decrease from last year’s results.

The poll was conducted by VoteNet Systems and a link to the ballot was emailed to all attorneys in central Ohio for whom the bar has email addresses. Ballots were also accessible through a link on the Columbus Bar website. All attorneys in Franklin County, not just Columbus Bar members, are eligible to vote in both the Performance and Preference polls.