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Attorney and practicing paralegal members of the Columbus Bar have access to Fastcase for free. Unlimited search using Fastcase’s smarter legal research tools, unlimited printing, and unlimited reference support, all free as a benefit of CBA membership. Fastcase’s apps for iPhone, Android and iPad connect to your bar account automatically by Mobile Sync.

  • Primary law from all 50 states
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions
  • Federal coverage, including specialty courts
  • Intuitive searching
  • Save favorite documents, favorite jurisdictions and search history

Fastcase is the premiere American provider of online legal research. The company's patent-pending research software helps busy legal professionals sort through the clutter, ranking the best cases and statutes first, and enabling users to re-sort search results to find answers fast. Fastcase puts the whole law library on the desktop -- providing online access to millions of cases, statutes, and regulations, and at a fraction of the cost of existing alternatives. Fastcase is an American company based in Washington, D.C. and founded in 1999. It was built by lawyers and for lawyers, with the input of specialists in legal research, library science, and law. Fastcase's mission is to make better research available to more people through innovation, value and choice.

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