Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Winter 2017

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Articles in this issue include: ​

Attorney Lives Matter
by Aaron L. Granger

Changing the Tides Requires a Push from Attorneys
by Brigid E. Heid

Civil Jury Trials: Franklin County Common Pleas Court
by Monica L. Waller

Gender Identity Issues in the Law: A Look Back at 2016
by Kathryn A. Rosenbaum

Getting More Green: Exploring Funding Options for Energy Efficiency Projects
by Jean Carter Ryan

Italy is Delightful No Matter Where: Part 1
by Hon. David E. Cain

Lawyers with Artistic License: Steven Loewengart
by Heather G. Sowald

New Judge Training: Surviving and Thriving During My First Year on the Bench
by Hon. Christopher M. Brown

New Year, New You: Take Charge of Your Health and Change What’s on Your Plate
by Danielle M. Demming

Practice Tips from a Law Clerk's Perspective
by Alexa E. Craig

Protection from Pence: The Future of LGBT Civil Rights in America
by Hannah L. Botkin-Doty

Starting a Dialogue on the Selection of Mediators and Arbitrators
by Mark Decker

The Professional Judgment Rule in Ohio: Part 2
by Rick E. Marsh

The Role of the Courts in Civil Rights Enforcement
by Andrew D.M. Miller

Think of Us Columbus, We All Look Up to You: A History of Education Rights in Columbus
by Dilynn R. Roettker

Trumpeting a New Day
by Ken J. Robinson and Bano Itayim