Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Winter 2016

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Articles in this issue include: ​

A Bird’s Eye View From the London Eye
by Hon. David E. Cain

A Law Class’s Resolutions
by Jameson C. Rehm

A Review Of “Fighting for The Press: The Inside Story of the Pentagon Papers and Other Battles”
by Janyce C. Katz

Careful Who You Hitch Your Wagon To
by Rosa Winston

Civil Jury Trials: Franklin County Common Pleas Court
by Monica L. Waller

Collaborative Family Law 101: Introduction to a Different Way to Divorce
by Nancy L. Sponseller

Combating Piracy in the Gaming Industry
by Luke A. Gilchrist

Innocent Until Proven Guilty ... Unless Poor, Uneducated or Minority
by Jocelyn M. Armstrong

Lawyers With Artistic License: Daniel E. Gerken
by Heather G. Sowald

Terrorism and Commercial Insurance Coverage
by Mark M. Kitrick and Elizabeth A. Mote

The Duty of Competence and Trends in E-Discovery
by Paige E. Kohn and Rodney A. Holaday

The Race for Relevance: The Columbus Bar Board of Governors’ Retreat 2015
by Amy B. Koorn

They Hung Mary Surratt: The History of the First Woman Executed for a Federal Crime
by Lloyd E. Fisher Jr.

Traditionally Non-Traditional: Becoming the First Public Small Business Concierge in the Country
by Ryan P. Schick

Understanding the Elements of an Effective Healthcare Compliance Program
by Trent P. Stechschulte

What to Do When a Disgruntled Client Calls? The First Steps of a Legal Malpractice Case
by Rick E. Marsh

Who’s Got Your Back?
by Jay E. Michael

Whose Tax Attributes Are They Anyways?
by Theodore W. Johnson