Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly

Winter 2014

Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly - (View PDF)
Complete publication for Winter 2014.

An Interview with Patricia Hatler - (View PDF)
by Ali Haque
I arrived at Duke as a freshman, having never seen the campus. When choosing colleges, my dad’s only rule was that I not go to school in the state of Kentucky. He was adamant about that. He wanted me to know there was a big world out there.

Case Management—Art and Science - (View PDF)
by Amy Koorn
Science, loosely defined, encompasses the study of facts learned through experiments and observation. Art, in arguable contrast, embodies the use of skill and creative imagination in the production of an aesthetic object. Sound case management practices combine the two mediums to yield a finer work product for clients, comport with the ideals of justice and make life easier for everyone concerned.

Civil Jury Trials - (View PDF)
by Monica L. Waller
Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

Consider an Alternative - (View PDF)
by Treisa L. Fox
Recent job statistics and the national decline in attorney jobs have prompted some recent graduates to explore other careers in which they can use their law degrees. In addition to the dwindling job market, some attorneys may practice law for a few years only to discover they would prefer to do something else.

Dissection of a Wills Clinic - (View PDF)
by Teresa Scharf
You may have heard or read about the PACO/LASC Pro Bono Wills Clinics over the last 3½ years and wondered what they are really all about. Who operates these clinics? How are they structured? Who is helped by these clinics? Where are the clinics conducted, and how often are they offered?

Gismo, Esq. - (View PDF)
by Bruce A. Campbell
A recent article on the satirical website suggested that a company selling legal forms has started installing vending machines around the country to enable the general public (particularly those without home internet access) to purchase common legal documents and pro se pleadings on the spot – no fuss, no mess, no J.D. required.

Gratitude, Kindness: Super Strengths In Law Practice - (View PDF)
by Pat Snyder
We all know that analytical strengths are critical to the practice of law. Persistence, hard work, integrity and courage are paramount as well. But what about softer strengths, like gratitude and kindness?

Guns and Kids—and Execution of a Constitutional Right - (View PDF)
by Jack D'Aurora
What business does a doctor have asking his patients about guns? On July 30, state Sen. Kris Jordan, R-Powell, asked this question by introducing Sen. Bill 165, which would prohibit physicians from asking patients if there are guns in their home.

Immigration Modernization Act: What's in it for US? - (View PDF)
by Orsoyla Hamar-Hilt & David Bloomfield Sr.
Immigration is among those topics that recently have received plenty of media attention. Most will agree that our current immigration system is broken, and Congress does not seem to be able to agree upon how to remedy the matter.

Is Ohio’s Medicaid Right of Recovery Statute Preempted by Federal Law? - (View PDF)
by Zachary Pyers & Nicole Koppitch
While the current state of the law leaves some questions unanswered, it appears inevitable that Ohio practitioners can expect changes in the way Ohio Medicaid liens are handled in personal injury settlements.

“It’s like the last tool of ordinary people.” - (View PDF)
by Michael Corey
So said Catherine Turner of the government watchdog group “Ohio Citizens Action” in a 2010 interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer. She was describing a tool – voter initiatives, whereby the people circumvent a state’s respective general assembly, respectfully or not – that gives voters the opportunity to legislate on their own behalf.

Law School: Buy Low, Sell High - (View PDF)
by Jameson Rehm
We’ve all seen the headlines and the talking heads discussing how the legal field is saturated and in a serious downturn. The numbers are not good. Law school students are graduating with serious debt, can’t find a job to pay off that debt, and are losing jobs to paralegals or out-sourced labor that is much cheaper than a new associate.

Lawyers with Artistic Talent: Sixth in a Series - (View PDF)
by Heather G. Sowald
Tom Nagel plays his banjo every Thursday night with a jam group, the Original Long Duration Free Association Recreational Therapy Society, OLDFARTS.

Loitering Encouraged - (View PDF)
by Jill Snitcher McQuain
By now, most of you have had a chance to visit the Columbus Bar since the completion of our recent renovations. The feedback has been positive, and we’re thrilled with the lighter, more modern look – not to mention the added functionality.

Movies! A Tool for Teaching Lawyers - (View PDF)
by Janyce Katz & Geoffrey Stern
The use of a movie to teach substance abuse/mental and professionalism/ethics enhances the ability of an attorney to remember key rules that distinguish law as a profession from a business designed to maximize profit.

Odd, for a Non-Joiner - (View PDF)
by Mark Petrucci
For most of my life I have been a non-joiner. I saw no benefit in becoming part of a larger group on more than an ad hoc basis. I was not into team sports. I did not have extracurricular interests. I never had the desire to join school clubs or societies. An explanation for my lack of involvement boils down into four significant reasons, and a lot of little ones not worthy of mention.

One City Has Everything - (View PDF)
by Hon. David E. Cain
A great way to begin a visit to Cape Town is by taking the cableway to the top of Table Mountain. From 3,400 feet above the Atlantic Ocean stretched along the western horizon, one can frame an itinerary seeing from afar what one is bound to want to see close up.

The Modern Lawyer - (View PDF)
by Stefan T. E. Thomas
“You don’t look like a lawyer!” A comment heard all too often by the modern lawyer. The lawyer who takes advantage of artistic freedom in her choice of hairstyle, shoe, or pant suit.

The Nuremberg Trials - (View PDF)
by Lloyd E. Fisher, Jr.
In the spring of 1945, Hitler’s Nazi forces were in retreat and the end of World War II in Europe was in sight. Absorbed with the military strategy, the Allied leaders had not yet established a plan for dealing with any captured German leaders.